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How to Use Decorative Accents to Style Your Outdoor Space

by Kristen Palmer 08/15/2021

Decorative items can make an enormous impact on the entire design of an outdoor space. Whether used sparingly or to create chic, creative clutter, accessories are the way to upgrade a patio or porch and make it truly your own. However, it’s hard to know where to begin. How do you use decorative accents to create your own style without it feeling forced? Here we will go over some tips for simple ways to mix in decorative accents to any outdoor living area.

Start From the Ground Up

Adding an area rug is a simple way to add lots of style in a single step. It can be a great strategy to use the colors, patterns or motif of your rug to inspire the rest of your decor. Find an outdoor rug that’s comfortable but stylish and don’t be afraid to make it a focal point. Bold geometric prints and traditional florals make excellent and easy starting points.

Placement of rugs is also a way to add decorative flair and define your outdoor spaces. For example, you can choose whether to arrange furniture on or touching the rug or if you want it to be completely separate. You can use rugs to define transitions and separate spaces while also adding decorative appeal.

Have Fun With Furniture

Furniture items are another way to add decorative appeal while adding function at the same time. If you already have the basic furniture needs taken care of but want to add some extra style, try adding in a smaller piece of furniture with a unique look. With outdoor decorating, you have a lot of freedom to use unexpected items as furniture. Try a wine barrel as an end table or add a small shelf to display plants and other items.

If you have limited outdoor space, using furniture as decor will help you add style and functionality. Opt for items that can serve multiple purposes, such as benches with storage. Try using a boldly painted deck chair as a focal point among your other outdoor items to add visual appeal and additional seating.

Accessorize In Groups

When adding decorative accessories, it’s very easy to go overboard and make a mess. Covering every single surface in a room with small decorative accessories is tempting but may result in a lack of functional space. One great way to achieve the creative cluttered look without becoming overwhelmed is to group items together. Don’t forget to accessorize with natural elements, as well. Potted plants and flowers can be the perfect decoration you need for your outdoor space. Try grouping plants and pots of various sizes, colors and finishes together for visual appeal. You can even display gardening equipment this way. This is an excellent way to let your creativity flourish in decorating without accidentally creating chaos.

The first step in adding decor to your porch or patio can feel overwhelming. However, adding your personal style and decorative flair to your outdoor spaces is the perfect way to make them feel more like home.

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