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What Clients Are Saying

"I highly recommend Kristen! She helped my family sell our parents’ home in San Rafael. She was instrumental in every aspect of selling the home that we owned for 55 years. She organized and met all the workers who got the house ready to sell. She was very communicative with every step. She listened to what we were willing to do and what we weren’t willing to do. Her suggestions and attention she gave us was very appreciative. With all the preparations and follow through on Kristen’s part, we were able to sell the house in 5 days. Kristen helped with all the paperwork before and after the sale. Again, I highly recommend her for all of your real estate needs!"

Elaine Wanket, San Rafael

I strongly recommend Kristen Palmer to anyone who is looking for a realtor to list and sell a home in the San Rafael area. After a close relative passed away, I was faced with the difficult task of selling a condo thousands of miles away from where I live. My attorney referred me to Kristen. After discussing the property with her and a few other realtors, I chose her to list the condo. Kristen did much more than just list the condo. The property was in need of substantial renovations. Kristen and I worked through email, text, and phone meetings to make all of the decisions about contractors and selections for countertops, applicances, flooring, and paint colors. The vendors and contractors she recommended were professional, timely, and reasonably priced. The condo was beautiful and homey after all the renovations were done. Kristen then arranged for it to be furnished by a professional staging service. It was gorgeous! During the listing period, Kristen kept in close communication with me about every prospect and showing. Within a month, I had several offers to choose from and accepted one that was above the asking price. Needless to say, I was thrilled with the outcome. I also have to add that Kristen was very empathetic with regard to the grief and other emotions that go along with disposing of a deceased loved one's property. She is an ideal choice for anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Dr. Boyd, San Rafael

Buying your first home is scary enough, but buying your first home in the middle of a global pandemic? Even more stressful. We felt so lucky to have Kristen as our agent throughout our home-buying process. She was super patient as we learned the ins-and-outs of buying our first home— starting with helping us figure out what was most important to us in a house, then walking us through offer strategy and negotiations, inspections, and eventually helping us land our first home here in Marin. We had the bad luck of having two homes fall through because of seller contingencies, and as heartbreaking as that was at the time, I know it would have been so much worse if we didn’t have Kristen there to guide us through it. And it all worked out, because now we’ve ended up in a home that’s perfect for us! I would highly recommend Kristen to anyone looking for a house in Marin.

Nick & Mellisa Camperi, Novato

Kristen was GREAT!!! After owning our home for 16 years my family decided it was time to upgrade! Needless to say, it was a very emotional experience. We had to sell and then buy within a short period of time. Kristen was experienced and knowledgeable on both transactions. She worked us through  every step along the way. I was impressed how she did her research on our town and showed our house to the best of its ability. On the buying end, great negotiation skills!!!! She was able to get our new home under the asking price with a few little extras...awesome!!! Highly recommend Kristen Palmer for all your realtor needs!!!

11/08/2016 - Karen & Marc Hermsmeyer, Cloverdale

Absolutely amazing at what she does!!! Her expertise & knowledge are incomparable. Most importantly she keeps you informed every step of the way. Throughout our loan process we had to jump through some hoops, and Kristen's persistence & knowledge was undeniably one of the main factors in us  obtaining our dream home.

04/12/2017 - Nicole & Mike Palardy, Rohnert Park

We offered "KP" the ultimate challenge, sell a 50 year old house with maintenance and "style" challenges! We felt confident turning the sale over to her even though we live 2 states away! Her recommendations for overcoming these for buyer appeal were spot on. After a little painting cleaning and  staging, the before and after pictures were stunning! And the increase in sales price wasn't bad either! "KP" handled each step like a general contractor getting people to get stuff done. Getting estimates and commitments. All "KP"s suggestions paid of for both the seller and buyer. The home sold in just a few weeks. Offers in just days! Her professionalism and attention to detail in every aspect were excellent.

03/11/2020 - Jack Fitch, San Rafael

Kristen is a consummate real estate professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone dealing with residential RE in Marin and Sonoma Counties. Relative to the sale of our parent’s legacy house, she was always on it with guidance and recommendations from the "get-go." We rehabbed and sold  the property within 60 days. She was there with us through the whole process. Her patience and ability with dealing with the dynamics of working with two siblings/spouses in joint ownership was amazing. She is genuine, down to earth, and really cares about her clients. My recommendation. When looking for RE professional to assist with RE matters; Look no further than to call Kristen

04/20/2020 - Ken & Katie Regalia, Petaluma

Kristen is an incredible agent and a joy to work with. My fiance and I feel so lucky to have met her at an open house she was hosting. Before we knew it she was sending us great listings and shortly thereafter she helped us find our wonderful home. We were first time homebuyers and Kristen was  incredibly helpful with making sure we were prepared for everything and was always ready with a solution whenever a curveball came our way throughout the process. We had a wonderful experience and love our home and it's all thanks to Kristen!

05/01/2017 - Jay & Joyce Machado, Novato

Kristen has been a great realtor, first with helping us find a great first house, and then, 12 years later, helping us sell that same house. She provided great guidance and advice throughout both the buying and selling process, helping us with the emotional ups and downs that go with such a major  life decision. When we were searching for that perfect first house, she patiently showed us at least 20 homes before we found the right now, never pressuring or trying to convince us that the house we were looking at was the right one. Later, when selling that same house, she walked us through the process and helped us with obtaining an excellent price. I will always turn to Kristen for all my real estate needs.

05/16/2017 - Keith Auyang, Petaluma

Kristen is an exemplary real estate agent! She worked tirelessly at all hours of the weekday and weekends on our behalf. I cannot imagine a more diligent, thorough, patient, and personable agent. We were first time home buyers and Kristen patiently walked us through the process and invited us to  see homes before we were ready to buy so that she understood what we were looking for. She had a fantastic ability to remember all the details that were important to us in a home so that she could point out homes that we would like. Kristen also maintained close contact with our lender to ensure we would be ready to make offers. Once we were in escrow she lined up the contractors and inspectors we needed and ensured we moved through our shortened escrow period on time (not an easy task!). During this period I was amazed at her people skills and ability to read my reactions without my needing to tell her. We always felt that Kristen put our needs first, including through the negotiation process. She was extremely diligent even to the end, when during our walk through one day before escrow closed, she took note of the items that still needed attention by the sellers. I wish I could hire Kristen as a personal assistant through our move!

07/20/2018 - Elizabeth Thompson, Novato

"After my wife and I tried to buy a home in the Bay Area for over a year, we decided to change our realtor to Kristen. We ended up getting our first offer with her accepted! Kristen was very helpful in putting together our strongest offer and was very responsive before and after the close of escrow. We would definitely recommend her and would definitely work with her again in the future."

James Chapman, Concord

Kristen is absolutely amazing! My wife and I were total noobs visiting open houses casually when we met Kristen at a house she was showing. Within a couple months we purchased a house we absolutely loved in Novato. But it didn't just end there! She referred us to contractors, to lenders when we were ready to refinance, anything we needed she was always a text away with the information. I really can't even quantify how much help Kristen gave us. When an opportunity at work took us away from Marin we called Kristen, who helped us make some last minute updates and sell our house super quickly for a great price. I think back to when we were renters and how far we've come since knowing Kristen and it's really astonishing. She's been so much more than a realtor to us, she's a dear friend! Highly recommend!"

Jay Machado, Novato

Kristen was wonderful to work with! She is very knowledgeable and was always available to answer my questions. Her knowledge and suggestions when putting in an offer got our offer accepted. Kristen made our first time home buying experience a breeze. I will definitely recommend her to my  family and friend.

07/28/2016 - Kristi Chavez, Santa Rosa

We love our home and we are lucky we met Kristen who helped us to buy our first home in America. It was marvelous experience for us to do a business with Kristen. She is more than just an agent to us, she is our new best friend and adopted family member.

04/11/2017 - Yefim Zeltzerman, San Francisco

I would definitely recommend Kristin Palmer from the Brannon Realty Group! We recently sold my father's home, and Kristin thoroughly explained the process and provided us with beneficial information on how to get the house ready for sale. Kristin's real estate expertise was evident. Throughout  the process, Kristin was responsive to our many questions and very patient with us. We can't thank Kristin enough for all of the hard work, dedication, and the time she spent on selling the home. Kristin is friendly and professional, and we were lucky to have her as our Realtor. Thank you, Kristin, for helping us sell our house!

09/21/2019 - Jen Dunlap, San Rafael

I recently closed an escrow transaction in which I acted as seller for a Trust. The property had been vacant for 2 years at the time of sale. Kristen walked into the property and immediately identified for me the areas that needed fixed, repaired, replaced, cleaned, painted, and added to for  sale; as well as yard cleanup. As soon as we entered into an listing agreement, she contacted her team and they began the process. Kristen and her team were right there; quick, efficient, professional and awesome. Kristen knows her properties, the market, other realtors, other listings in the area and and has an uncanny feeling for what the market will bear. She was a joy to work with and basically effortless for me, as I was an out of state seller, as well as being an advocate for me. Without her I sincerely doubt the property would have sold as quickly or at the price it did. I wholeheartedly recommend her. I speak from experience in that my profession for the last 43 years has been as a Senior Escrow Officer. Please contact her!

04/15/2020 - Carol Hoffman, Sausalito

My experience with my real estate agent Kristen Palmer quite the journey. After my sister got her place with the help of Kristen I knew I had to use someone that was willing to go above an beyond for me. Kristen an I searched for two years trying to find the right place at the right price. I  finally found a place that I loved. Kristen immediately put the offer an the ball was rolling. After endless paperwork an signing the home was finally mine. I definitely recommend Kristen Palmer to anyone that is in search of a real estate agent. She is the best of the best an will get you exactly what you want.

04/23/2017 - Nick Farac, Cotati

Kristen knows what she's doing. My wife and I were looking for a house for months, and we kept getting beat out by all cash offers. Kristen stuck with us, kept us positive, and was very responsive to our many questions. When we finally found our house, her negotiation skills shined and we were very  happy with the outcome. I would recommend Kristen to anyone looking to buy or sell a house.

05/06/2017 - Armen Filian, San Rafael

Where do I start? I am the executor of my elderly aunt's estate, dealing with 9 beneficiaries. I was charged with selling my aunt's house in a speedy manor. This was all new to me and I felt utterly lost. Then in came Kristen! She gave me the best advise about doing inspections to help sell the  house more quickly. She was able to tell me what to concentrate on and what not to worry about. She kept me on schedule and the house sold like lightening at a far higher price than the asking amount. Not only is she a true professional, but she's incredibly kind. Exactly what I needed! I can't recommend Kristen any higher. When we are ready to sell our house, she is the first person I will call.

01/19/2018 - Lee Ann Buckley, San Rafael

Experienced and helpful, Kristen was ALWAYS willing to go the extra mile for me when I sold my home in Summer 2018. She saved me money numerous times by using her wealth of local connections. For example, local handymen to fix toilets, haul away old firewood, etc. She went to Home Depot herself to pick out a needed new toilet. Struck the right balance in terms of prepping the house for sale without going overboard on price. I felt the price we listed at was perfect, and we sold about 4-5 weeks in. A pleasant, kind, vivacious woman who made the whole experience enjoyable.

01/06/2019 - Tom Moylan, Novato